asbestos management


Having an asbestos survey is just the beginning for a duty holder. We provide fully comprehensive asbestos management plans and advice to ensure you comply fully with the Control of Asbestos

Asbestos Management Plans

Here at Cornerstone Safety we provide a comprehensive asbestos management program tailored to the exact needs of your building, its occupants and your business. We will firstly conduct an in depth survey of the area suspected to contain asbestos, including air sampling and asbestos testing of any suspected asbestos containing materials. The results of this survey will help us draw up your asbestos management plan, and decide the best way to deal with any asbestos found; be it removal and disposal or encapsulation.

As an asbestos consultancy and management company, we can provide you with a report of our findings for your asbestos register. This is a legal requirement so it is essential your asbestos register is kept up to date with any necessary changes, and to provide proof of regular inspections to confirm you have taken responsibility of any asbestos in your building.

For more information about our asbestos management plans, or to speak to a member of our expert team about your options when you suspect asbestos is present then please contact us.

Asbestos Risk Assessments

Asbestos risk assessments are essential for the safe and effective management of asbestos. After the initial identification that asbestos is present it can be difficult to know how to manage it safely and non-destructively, especially if it is in an internal or hidden area. Our asbestos risk assessments and surveys will help us to draw up a management plan suitable for your individual needs.

Asbestos presents many real and hazardous risks especially if dealt with incorrectly, but at Cornerstone Safety we are experts in the identification of these risks. To find out how we can help you stay safe then please contact us.

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